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Snapshot Doesn't Contain Changes?

Feedback about snapshots
I just downloaded and installed 1.2.4-112-g61ad05c. My expectation was that it would have all commits up to *and including* 61ad05c. However, when I look at the plugin list it appears that the the Left 4 Dead plugin that was updated in commit 61ad05c does not contain the changes found in commit 61ad05c.

Am I misunderstanding how the snapshot builds are named and the snapshot build I have isn't expected to contain the updated plugin?

Do I misunderstand where the Plugin name is coming from (I am assuming it is coming from the description member of the MumblePlugin structure)? The tooltip also appears to reflect the outdated longdesc in the plugin's cpp file.

Is this a bug?
Mh, that should include the updated plugin.
It's probably a bug.

We do some fudging with the installer and built plugins in an attempt to not ship re-built plugins that haven't actually changed (from a source code perspective).

Basically, a newly built snapshot will attempt to sync its plugins with the plugin auto-updater (only updating the plugins that have changed). Then, the snapshot build process will fetch all the plugins available via plugin auto-update and use those as its baseline for plugins. (This avoids having to download new plugins after launching a new snapshot client - that's the idea at least).

I've seen weird plugin downloads after upgrading to newer snapshot clients. That, along with what your'e seeing points to a bug in that part of the snapshot build.