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how to mute a specific user without mouse interaction

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Hey guys,

i am looking for a workaround to mute a specific user without using the mute button due to a mouse click.

The user is providing a signal that everybody in the channel should hear until i mute the user. But I need to do this without using the mouse.

Is there any way to perform this action via keyboard shortcut or ACL?
Maybe i can link and delink the channel and place the user there, or Switch the group of the user per command?

I would really appreciate your help!
Im not sure on mumble client/server. But i think it is possible by scripts or bot on the server. It was possible on TeamSpeak 3 serwer, to i truly belive in mumble as well. How? Well by command you are typing to bot as private message. For example:

!b nick-name

"!b" is the command for ban.

!m = mute. Etc.. etc..

Yes, but i dont wanna type the message evey time, cuz instef of typing i can use a mouse! Sure, that's why maybe it is possible to create a shortcut to type one message to some user. I didnt tried, but maybe it is possible.

Another story is to control mumble serwer by some external tools.
Mumble Django is to start|stop the server, but maybe there are something like that to mange connected users.