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Cant hear anything each way after server setup

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
I hope someone can help
I have just installed Mumble on a raspberry pi
i have set up two users, myself and my son.
added 3 chat rooms/lobbys
added myself and son users as admins to all rooms
we can text chat between ourselves etc.
when i speak i can hear my own voice in my headset and he can hear his own voice on his headset, nut we cant hear each other.
its sooooooooo frustrating, what have i missed?

please help
> installed Mumble on a raspberry pi

A Mumble server I guess? Not a client?

Have you enabled server loopback in the settings?
Settings -> Audio Output -> Loopback Test
That should have "none".

Can you see the other person "light up" to indicate he is transmitting audio?