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Wrong Certificate or Password

Everything related to the inofficial Mumble client on Android named Plumble
I have downloaded the Plumble App to my Note4.

When I attempt to access a channel, I receive the message "Connection Rejected: Wrong Certificate or Password for existing user".

The settings that I am using are the very same that I applied onto my PC and it worked.

Registrations in Mumble are bound to the client certificate, so if you are registered with your PC you can't use the same name with another certificate on Plumble.

You have 2 choices:
1. Export your Client certificate from your PC to Plumble; though you won't be able to join the server with your PC AND Android at the same time.
2. Choose another username on Plumble.
Create a new user for your mobile.

For example, I use Entrepwn3rr on my computer and Entrepwn3rrOTG for my mobile. Then add your new username into a group with the same permissions as your other account.

This is the best way as the clients won't conflict if both are connected at the same time.