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Adding Mumble functionalities to iOS app

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I would like to have an existing app using the mumble functionalities. I downloaded the Mumble project by git on SourceForge and compiled it by Xcode without any major problem. Yet when I tried injecting the code into my project I got 999+ errors on all parts. There must be some missing step in what I did, is there a tutorial for what I intend to do?

Thanks, Fabrizio
I removed all unnecessary files but I am stuck at incorporating MumbleKit in the project, any hint?
I dispensed of all the mumble files, and just included the .a library instead. Now I am yet totally in the dark about how to enable some functionalities with that, is there some tutorial, book or other thing available, as finding the way in the code is quite impossible. My objective would be just to have one app establish channels by which to be called with unique identifiers, and another app call it by using the same identifiers. Quite a simple scenario respect to the one provided by the Mumble app, but still I have no cue about what functions to use to implement it.
Unfortunately all the Mumble code is old fashioned and has no arc support. So that would need a major refactoring to be normally imported. I spent the good part of this morning to try and do it, but it is a never-ending story. In any event files in the openssl and speex directories remain unreachable.

Thereafter I would need a way to import Mumble as a sort of library with all its nasty features well embedded.

How is it possible to attain it?