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World of Warcraft Plugin - Snapshot 1.3.0-694

Feedback about snapshots
The plugin is 6.0.3 but we are up to patch or more commonly known as just 6.2.0

I have to use my second monitor to keep Mumble up so that I can see who is talking but would prefer to use the overlay so that I can just minimize it and use my second monitor for my streaming apps.

If there is a workaround I can use temporarily until a new snapshot is released, I would be glad to test it. If a snapshot is released tonight or tomorrow to fix this great.

Now I want to open the files myself but am unsure of what program to use to open and try fixing myself. If someone could provide me a program name to use then I'll gladly do some digging myself in the meantime.

Hi there,

The WoW plugin is probably my fault, I took on updating it and I've been a bit slack... I did resub to WoW the other day so I can test it out.

If you're interested in learning how to do it yourself, a pre-requisite is at least a working Mumble development environment (you probably don't need *all* the dependencies but I don't think it's worth the effort to build plugins only). The Wiki has a page all about how to set up a build environment on Windows.

Having said all that, I'm a bit confused... the plugin isn't responsible for the overlay whatsoever. Only positional audio. The overlay should work if you're using 32-bit WoW and DX9, I think? At least, it works for me.
I don't use DirectX9 or 32 bit, I find using DirectX11 and 64 bit is much better and pleasing to view. I have found a download that allows the overlay to work on DirectX11 and 64 bit. I figured the updated version of the plugin would allow it to run on 64 bit and DirectX11 but I can only assume it still doesn't. Eek.

I'll try to do my own thing to see if I can get the plugin working on DirectX11 and 64 bit systems at least that would please quite a few people.
Just an update, with the latest snapshot, the overlay for WoW works on DirectX 11, 64-bit version. Mumble must be started FIRST then the game. The overlay will immediately appear upon loading character select screen.