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Opening chosen DirectSound Output failed. + additional issue

It crashed, it is bugged, ...

Whenever I open mumble nowadays, I get the following error in the chat; however, when I go to settings, press apply (without changing anything,) and then hit cancel (I cannot hit OK or the program messes up as well, but that's a whole seperate issue,) the program works fine, despite having no changes in the settings.

There is also an issue where, if I stay connected to a server for a while (around 20ish hours is when I start getting told of this,) my sound comes through super choppy to the people I am talking to. I'm not sure exactly how long it takes to happen, or why it happens.

I've updated to the latest version, as well as reinstalled completely and these issues continue to happen.

Did you try reinstalling or updating your audio drivers?

Mumble shouldn't generally freeze up, but when applying settings it (re)initializes the audio system (from the OS) it uses.

You mention an error in your chat, but did not post which error??

Checking your Windows event log for errors could also help - specifically driver/audio errors or warnings.