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Static noise when using mic from headphones

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
On my Macbook pro mid-2015(OS X 10.11.6) using my Bose QC35 II and Mumble version 1.2.19 i get constant static noise in my headphones. If i switch from headphones mic to internal mic on my macbook the noise goes away. I have run the audio wizard, but that did not change anything.
Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
Do you also hear yourself when you talk, or just the noise?
Do others hear you when you talk with that mic?
I dont hear myself and others can hear what i say. I tried using voice through the app and that worked just fine no static noise
Do you have the "Noise Suppression" setting in Mumble enabled? On what value?

Do I get this correctly. With that mic active you hear static noise in your headphone output, so nothing to do with input?
Without Mumble this is not an issue? => then it can't be windows hear what mic hears
Mumble has a setting to loop back input as output, but then others should not be able to hear you.