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Mumble PTT keybinds unresponsive

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Hi. Using the Mumble. 1.3.0 Dev snapshot on Win10 x64. This has been stable for me for years. After MS pushed Win10 build 1803 out, mumble keybinds do not work in my account, not entirely sure if this was the same timing. I created a new user on the host machine and the push to talk works fine. On the main account, adding the PTT overlay and clicking it does not work.

I have installed and reinstalled mumble, and used the registry files to unbind and rebind the keyhooks, to no avail. Any suggestions.
Thank you
Wyv wrote:adding the PTT overlay and clicking it does not work
What do you mean by that?

If that's the WIn10 creators update released last week, I do not have an issue with PTT after the upgrade.
I mean selecting the option that places a physical ptt button on the screen displays the button, but clicking said button has no effect. Also in the config Wizard, no sound is detected at all even when the mic should be open.
The wizard and ptt buttons work as expected when a different user account is selected. And all registry keys appear to hold the same values, and all mumble settings are the same.
In addition. I have now uninstalled Mumble, removed the registry keys and removed the certificates.
Fresh install. of both the main branch and dev branch.
Same symptoms with both. Keybinds work with all functions except PTT.

Even when Mumble is set to open mic, or voice activation there is no detection. Even though the microphone is selected and active.
SOLVED - Win10 1803 update.
Adds privacy options to prevent apps from accessing microphone.

To allow applications access
go to Settings>Privacy>Microphone

Thanks Microsoft ;)