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Server connection failed - connection denied

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
We have a mumble voice server via Play4Lan for 4 years. For 2 days we are no longer on our voice server. The message comes up: Server connection failed - connection denied. I found out that our server is online, but the message means that the server where the port is located is offline.
Is there a way to simply choose a different port? And is there an overview of the current ports of Mumble?
I thank you in advance.
Is the Murmur software running?

You can specify another port in Murmur by changing it - if it was never set via Ice, I think changing it via the .ini will work, but if it was ever set by Ice you'll need to use Ice to change it again.

The server will log if for some reason it was unable to bind to the IP address (did you try simply restarting Murmur?).