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adress changing in spite of static ip

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Hi there,

I configurated Murmur with a static IP on Windows 7, the Port is forwarded through the firewall and modem
and the log doesn´t show any bugs. In spite of that, the IP always changes in the public server list - so the static IP
seems not to be recognized.
Any idea what´s goin on ? My own ideas are wasted now :?
Thanks for any suggestion!
What IP did you set static? Is it an internal (RFC1918) address? 192.168.*, 172.16.*, or 10.*? If so, that has no bearing on what external users (ie the server list) use... it could be that your WAN IP is changing, which you'll have to talk to your ISP about fixing.

In my experience, Murmur behind NAT/portforwarding is a recipe for hating life at the best of times, but I suspect that's what's going on here.