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Linking Channels for partial Listen Ability

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Hello world!

I am trying to set a mumble server up and I am having a bit of trouble getting my ACLs / Linked channels to work the way I'd like them too.

I'd like the channels to look something like this:
* Root Channel
L Red Team
L Blue Team

Where people in the Root channel can talk and listen to both Red and Blue team, but Red and Blue team can't hear each other. The links I've been doing seem to make them all listen to each other. I've seen tutorials for similar things but I can't seem to apply them to my use case.

Ideally I wouldn't need to assign groups to specific users manually, as there will be users coming in and out and they won't be registered.

Thanks for your help!
Link red and blue to the parent channel (so all three are linked), and then in the red and blue channels edit the ACL: Add a

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group, and deny speak.

The @sub group can be used to specify ACL rules for channels of a common parent, in this case 1 above the channels in question.

See also the @sub description at ... 0sub_group