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Stuck with mumlib sample crash

It crashed, it is bugged, ...
Hi guys,
I'm newbie with mumble and mumlib so forgive em if my question is stupid.

I've built the mumlib source ( and I'am experimenting with the sample.
I've started a local murmur server and when I run the mumlib_example.exe, mumlib::Transport::doReceiveUdp() throws an exception (throwTransportException("UDP receive failed: " + ec.message()) line 205) with the 10022 error.
I'm assuming that 10022 is WSAEINVAL error ?

Then mumlib_example.exe crashes in win_iocp_io_service::cancel_timer at the InterlockedExchangeAdd call line.

I'm obviously doing something wrong.
Can you help ?

Can you give me an hint so that I can continue my evaluation of mumble please ?

I'm not familiar with mumlib, but this is where it is thrown: ... t.cpp#L204