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Moving users to different channels from Java application

Ice/DBus, Web-Interfaces, Management tools
I have written a little tool in Java for my gaming clan to calculate teams based on statistics.
Now I want to move players by this tool to specific mumble channels through some API / RPC call etc.

I was hoping there would be a java library for calling murmur and doing this, but the information I found was vast and very unspecific.
I know you have to use ICE somehow, but the documentation of ICE itself is very overwhelming and I still have to find what command to murmur is able to move users to channels.

Can anyone give me a hint or does anyone know the easiest way, how to do this from Java?
ICE has traditionally been our remoting API for that. Back when we added it it was the best/only good choice.

For Mumble servers Ice functionality you can check the slice docs at

You will want to get a users state information and set the channel ID to move them ... ml#channel

If you're using 1.3 development snapshots, using GRPC might be a good alternative to using ICE.

I've wanted to use that myself (especially since PHP and Ice have traditionally not gone well together, and although I initially had success and implemented and maintained a web interface, I eventually gave up switching to/adjusting for newer versions of Ice and PHP).

The setting for GRPC in the mumble server ini.