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Feature request: Addiotional privacy in server

Mumble about Mumble
My mumble users sometimes wish there would be a way to be join & be in a channel, without no-one else outside of the channel knowing that they have actually connected to the server and are currently online.

Another mumble-service in another port would probably do the job, but it would create too big of a feeling of "inside circle only" which is not a nice thing in our friendship.
Privacy is needed only sometimes, when just want to relax with one friend, without interruption from others.

Perhaps a "secret, invite-only temporary channel" ? But the "user connected" should not be visible.
I don't know.
Maybe there is a solution that i'm not seeing.
Hi there,

That could be a great feature indeed. Perhaps, someone from the Mumble stuff could explain more how it could be implemented, if possible. Any possible solution?