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Only having overlay on one instance/window of a game? (Eve)

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EVE Online has a relatively well-known propensity for being run in multiple windows at once (colloquially called multiboxing).

However, the problem for me is that I have windows open on different windows, and the Mumble overlay is only important for my account I use in PVP for the player group I'm in. The other one is specifically not in the corporation and is somewhere else entirely in-game, doing other stuff, and I don't need to see who's talking on that screen.

Is there a way, and hoping there's someone here who plays eve and knows the exact answer, to get the overlay to only show on a single monitor/game window?
I'm not quite sure I understand. Are you using multiple Mumble clients? Or are you talking about the overlay of one Mumble client appearing in two Eve windows?

Are you running the same program (exe) for the multiple eve windows?