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Change time from 24hr to 12hr

How to do...
With this new update the time for the mumble chat has changed to 24hr. Is there a way to change it back to 12hr? Please and thank you.
Did you change the display language?

I would expect this to depend on your operating system regional formatting settings. What's your OS configuration regarding this?

My OS settings are set to display 12hr format as nothing has changed with my OS. I'm assuming that GitHub is only for server files? I use a stand alone mumble file and connect to a server I rent. How would I go along editing the mumble folder I have now to accommodate this new "commit"? My programming skills are quite bad so bare with me. Thanks
This is a client side issue introduced with 1.3.0. See

The GitHub repository hosts both the client and server code.

This issue has nothing to do/is independent of the server.