Hi everyone,
I got a strange problem. I think it has something to do with my audio hardware setup but maybe someone can help. First of all the problems are sporadic and even if no one want to hear it (especial me), it works fine in Teamspeak.
The problems are two parts and it always starts with Mumble working fine.
- After sometime I can't hear anyone in the channel. The "speak"-icons in Mumble are not showing any transmission.
- After sometime I can hear everything but no one can hear me. Either the "speak"-icons in Mumble are not showing that I speak or it is lit all the time.
I can only fix both errors by closing Mumble, restating my external audio device and opening Mumble again.
The first question I have is there a way to activate a console or to get log files? (I didn't find any)

Used Hard- and Software:
Mumble 1.3 Win 10.0.18362
Murmur 1.3 5.3.1-arch1-1-ARCH
Audio: ESI U22-XT
Additional Audio software: Hesuvi, Voicemeeter, Equalizer APO

Ps.: I had the error also in Mumble 1.2.x