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Voice delay or disappear

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Hello guys,

I try to create 1.3.0 mumble server and connected ten users the same channel,

when one user starts the talk to others than have some users will voice delay or disappear,

please help me how can I solve, thanks

I already set bandwidth is 72000000, the state has better but the problem still exists.
Please check the users packet loss and Mumble versions and report back.
Hello kissaki,
Mumble server version is 1.3.0, but I don't know how to get users packet loss, Is it murmer.log can get?
When connected to the server with ACL permission (I think?), check the user information (right click menu).

I will be trying it.

Currently, I discover the problem is from the network unstable, the network bandwidth shortage to support audio stream to input/output server.